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How to Change Habits

The 5 Most Common Bad Habits and How to Stop Them

When met with challenges, such as family issues or school-related stress, we tend to fall back on some reliable crutches, like alcohol, smoking, nail-biting, among others even though we know they`re likely to make us feel worse in the long run. As much as we hate to admit it, we cannot be perfect. We know what we should do when faced with challenges – eat well, get plenty of sleep, and exercise. But we don’t always measure up. And often, what starts as an occasional coping mechanism or slip up becomes a full-fledged bad habit.

Well, bad habits are insidious and they creep up on you slowly until you can’t notice the damage they`re causing. They are bad for you – emotionally, physically, mentally, and socially. In some cases, they can also impact your health in a bad way for a long term perspective! It’s not just the bad habits that are a problem, but more significantly, it’s the fact that you`re unaware of them. While it’s easier to ignore bad habits and look the other way, it certainly doesn’t make your life any better. Also, these bad habits are difficult to break with willpower alone. The good news is that is entirely possible to break them with hypnotherapy.

Read on for the most common bad habits and how you can stop them.

The 5 Most Common Bad Habits


Smoking is among the world`s leading causes of preventable deaths. And as far as health goes, no bad habit is as harmful as smoking. Smoking is responsible for 30 percent of heart disease and cancer-related deaths, as well as around 90 percent of all lung cancers. In addition, it also increases your risk of bladder, throat, and mouth cancers. This bad habit also significantly raises the risk for strokes, high blood pressure, breathing problems, and heart attacks. If you want to fix this bad habit, then treat it more as an addiction and not as a bad habit. This way, you`ll be ready for the big road ahead. Try to quit as soon as you can, but set small goals, before quitting entirely. After you quit smoking, the health benefits are almost immediate. Your lungs should improve within a month and coughing should be less. You should feel more energetic, have less shortness of breath, and your sense of smell and taste should also improve.

Nail Biting

Nail biting is not only unhygienic but also socially repelling. It can result in stomach problems, severely deformed fingernails, and dental problems, such as malocclusion of the anterior teeth. No grown-up wants to be gnawing away at their fingernails, as well. Nail biters tend to have shorter nails than an average person as their nail plats also undergo scaring and may eventually become absent. Nail-biting turns out to be like a form of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder – the habit becomes virtually uncontrollable. To fight nail-biting, understand what triggers it and replace it with a neutral to a positive habit. Nail-biting has been linked to anxiety because the act reportedly relieves boredom, tension, or stress. However, there are a couple of tricks to break this habit. First, keep your nails short so that biting loses appeal. Or opt for bitter nail coatings that discourage the habit.

Binge Drinking

This one may have missed on this list but there are individuals who can`t rid themselves of the habit of binge drinking despite knowing its side effects. Whether you do it once in a while, binge drinking is not good for your health. It can result in long term problems in your heart or liver and can also have immediate effects like getting fatigued more easily and feeling dizzy. Both women and men who regularly consume alcohol are at a higher risk for various cancers and liver damage. Well, if you can’t quit alcohol completely, then stick to healthy limits. Moderate drinking can be a perfectly good thing to do if you want to fight binge drinking, but staying away from alcohol entirely would be the perfect way to stay away from alcohol-related issues.

Junk Food

Again, you know that junk food is not healthy but still, do you refrain from eating it? If you snack every day, twice a week, or when you`re not hungry your body is at risk. Fast food has high proportions of fat, spices, sugar, and preservatives. If you take it too often, you`re more prone to health problems like diabetes and heart-related issues. Too much snacking happens when you lose touch with your body`s natural hunger and satisfaction signals. To fight the bad habit of consuming these just too often, you need to pay attention to your hunger signals and switch to healthy snacks. That way, you can boost nutrition, avoid energy slumps, and eventually, control cravings. Additionally, eat when you`re hungry, not because you`re, sad, angry, stressed, or bored.

Nose Picking

Nose picking is a curious bad habit. Some individuals pick their nose out of boredom, stress, or a nervous habit. Sinus infections and allergies can also be the reason for nose picking as they also cause a rise in the amount of mucus in your nose. In rare cases, nose picking is a compulsive, repetitive behaviour. This is a habit that almost everyone does and never thinks it can harm them in a bad way. It is an unhealthy habit that might land you in the hospital. Things around you contain bacteria and viruses, and touching them and then using the same finger in your nose makes your body more prone to colds and cases of flu since numerous viruses and bacteria enter your body through mucus. Similarly, don’t also fetch leftovers of food in your mouth from your hand.

Of course there are other habits such as teeth grinding, cheek biting, jaw clenching and hair pulling, all of which have their downsides.

How can hynotherapy help?

Does hypnotherapy work? And how does it work?

If you want to start on a hypnotherapy journey, you probably have these two questions at the top of your mind. Hypnosis seems to be prescribed for just about any bad habit: from quitting smoking to fighting nail-biting. It is especially used as a treatment for anxiety disorders and phobia. Most of these bad habits are a result of anxiety and stress, and that`s why hypnotherapy remains the best solution. Research has shown that hypnosis is a robust tool for self-improvement. It works to empower you to change and update your subconscious beliefs. Through hypnotherapy, you can reframe and update old beliefs – that quitting alcohol, for instance, will be hard and painful – and replace them with new, more beneficial assumptions.

Most of the time, you`re distracted by your surroundings and fighting bad habits can be difficult. Whether the music is loud, your kid is demanding attention or your loved one wants to talk, it can be hard to fully focus on yourself. You might be worried about your exams, paying a bill, or an upcoming project. These day to day worries tend to distract people from focusing on their problems.

In the hypnotic state, you`ll be deeply relaxed. The conscious mind is quieted, allow the unconscious mind to deeply focus on your bad habit. You are also calmer, and therefore more receptive to fighting it. A hypnotherapist may make soothing suggestions for behaviour change aimed to help you conquer your bad habit. During hypnotherapy for smoking, you may be asked to imagine the unpleasant outcomes of smoking. The hypnotherapist may suggest that smoking will leave your mouth smelling extremely parched or cigarette smoke smells like vehicle exhaust. This helps to fight the desire to smoke by indicating to your mind that smoking poisons the body, you should protect and respect your body, and you need your boy to live.

You might be taught some cognitive-behavioural coping techniques, such as the STOP! Technique and guided imagery that you can use when breaking your bad habit. You might even be encouraged to talk about the time you noticed your bad habit for the first time. By training your mind to think about challenges, you can eliminate the bad habits that so frequently result in self-sabotage. And that’s how hypnotherapy works.

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Our hypnotherapy is very powerful and very quick for unwanted habits. Most patients need one or maybe two sessions. We combine hypnotherapy with other powerful techniques such as NLP and Time Line Therapy ™ to massively stack the odds in your favour. I became a hypnotherapist because I always wanted to help people change. I was volunteer trainer for the Samaritans 13 years ago. Since then, I have helped hundreds of people get over their barriers and overcome their panic disorders. Based in central London, my hypnotherapy has been effective in anger and stress management not only in London but across the UK.

Can you imagine feeling better, more clear-headed, and calmer? Changing or letting go of that bad habit is the way to go. Change shouldn’t be hard or take months. The difficult part is making the decision to change something. My hypnotherapy approach is professional and caring and I get excellent results with only one or two sessions. With my experience, training, and expertise, you can rest assured that Kensington Coaching and Hypnotherapy will be able to help you be more confident, happier, and fruitful in your day to day life.

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