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The 5 Most Common Types of Phobias and How to Stop Them


Phobia is an unrealistic, immoderate, and constant fear of someone, something, situation, or a certain activity. It’s ranked as an anxiety disorder. Someone with a phobia will try to avoid the trigger at all costs or bear with it with great distress and anxiety.

The perfect example of such a well-known phobia is arachnophobia, which is a fear of arachnids like spiders and scorpions. Another type of phobia is ophiophobia, which is a fear of snakes. Both of these phobias are specifically targeted towards a trigger and can cause anxiety and distress. Anyone who suffers from it will be forced to organize their life in a way that won’t cause any triggers.

The Common Phobias and Why You Want to Overcome Them

Phobias are an extremely common mental illness that affects a huge percentage of people in the UK. Most individuals develop different types of phobias after having had a horrible experience. Some phobias are also genetic, which means individuals don’t have to be exposed to something horrible to develop a phobia.

There are many different phobias people are afraid of, but only the most common ones affect a significant portion of the UK today. These are the phobias with the highest prevalence in the region.

· Glossophobia
· Nyctophobia
· Aerophobia
· Arachnophobia
· Coulrophobia

Glossophobia (Fear of Making a Public Speech) 75% of the world population has a fear of speaking in public. For 20% of UK citizens, glossophobia is a serious overwhelming fear. Based on records, women are 50% more likely to have a fear of public speaking than men. The way an individual experiences this fear is different. Some may have a full-on panic attack, others will just grow nervous, while the rest will try to endure and talk with a quavering voice and shaking hands. The problem is that this fear is most common in young people than the older generation, and the reasons for that are many.

Anything that can embarrass people is a serious issue, so avoiding such circumstances is a must for those suffering from this phobia. People who usually experience glossophobia are afraid of failure or making a fool out of themselves. As a result, they will have a much harder time expressing themselves in public.

Nyctophobia (Fear of the Dark) Based on a small study conducted on college students suffering from insomnia, almost 50% of them claimed they were terrified of the dark. Those who couldn’t fall asleep said that even the slightest noise in the dark could trigger the unrest and make them feel anxious or depressed.

A lot of Britons as well deal with this problem; in fact, around 5% of those interviewed claimed they are terrified of the dark. Some of them never leave the lights off when they sleep. This fear usually manifests at a very young age, but as the person becomes older, their fear turns into a phobia, and that individual can’t grow out of it.

Aerophobia (Fear of Flights) Aerophobia is a lot more complex phobia than most people believe. While many can be afraid of flights, in fact, 24% of Brits claim they are anxious the moment they set foot on a plane, only those who really have this phobia can’t deal with them at all. When individuals with aerophobia are on a plane, they can experience a panic attack.

As a result, people who are afraid of flights will often avoid any journeys that involve air travel. In rare and extreme cases, individuals with aerophobia will vomit at the mention or sight of an airplane. As the trigger gets closer, they will feel distressed and irritated.

Arachnophobia (Fear of Spiders) In the UK, 18% of people claim to be terrified of spiders, so they develop their own strategies to deal with these arachnids. But, the problem with arachnophobia is that individuals who suffer from it often don't dare to deal with the trigger. They would rather avoid it, then confront it directly.

Coulrophobia (Fear of Clowns) Based on statistics, 12% of Brits have a real phobia of clowns. While for most of the population, clowns are scary just because they take part in horror films, for those with coulrophobia, the fear is not based on fictional stories. Instead, it is a lot more powerful, deep, and can have a serious impact on an individual who has to deal with it. This debilitating fear will affect their daily life and behavior.

What Hypnotherapy Can Do For You

Every type of phobia, no matter how severe it is, works on a subconscious level. What that means is, no matter how hard you try to overcome your phobia, it will take over your body and mind, and you can’t stop reacting to the trigger. No one is actually born with it, and people develop it as they grow up.

Hypnotherapy can establish a direct connection or communication with your subconscious. It will alter all the feelings you have towards that phobia. Based on records, hypnosis has a very high success rate in helping individuals surpass their fears for good.

What this therapy does is help you relax and then put you in a hypnotic state. Your hypnotherapist will be with you the entire way; they will help you regain the control you need, and make sure the source of the phobia is eradicated. You will remember the event that caused it and solve the issue from its root.

Depending on how you respond to treatment, the therapist will change their techniques gently and gradually. This way, you will be able to confront your biggest fears in a very calm and peaceful state. Some people can see immediate results after a single therapy, but depending on how severe the phobia is, you might need more than one.

If you really want to give up your phobia once and for all, hypnotherapy can enable you to do just that. Our clients typically only need to see us once. We mostly use an ‘eyes open’ hypnosis which means you don’t even need to go very deep. We will work on several levels. The underlying stress or trauma may be related to issues around identity as well beliefs. We will work on identity, values, beliefs and habits to help you knock out all that’s stopping you.

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FREE consultation worth £50

Arrange your free consultation to see how Hypnotherapy can help mend your mind and get a free ‘Down Time Programme’ (value £19.99)


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