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Who are you?

Someone who knows they can be better and wants to be better and wants and needs the mindset to unlock that potential. You may have been a high achiever in the past and taken a break for other things in life, or you may have had a great trajectory which has levelled off and you need that spark once again.

What are your challenges?

Do you have the mindset and skillset to ensure success? How can you grow? Perhaps you've had too much of being stagnant or stuck, perhaps you feel cloudy, confused or lacking energy. Do you have crystal clarity and solid confidence?

Who are we?

With deep experience working with high potentials and high performers, deep coaching and psychological knowledge and experience we can meaningfully join and powerfully propel your journey towards success. We have worked with 100s of people to really crystalise where they are going, remove internal blockages and resistence and build massive motivation and energy.

What's the plan?

In our initial free call, as well as experiencing coaching in action, we will ensure that we come up a plan that's right for you and your ambitions. Then we will work together to ensure you build the inner belief and deep motivation as well as the skillsets to drive success. All at an investment in line with your budget and ambitions.


Don't panic! Driven people definitely have a good shot of coaching themselves to success, eventually. And ambitious people will get there whatever crises and pain life throws at them. Our coaching enables the truly driven to get to where you want to much faster and smoother than going it alone or with a less skilled coach.

Succeed with us!

We want you to succeed. In fact your success is our success. We will walk and run with you on your journey building so much crystal clarity, perpertual motivation, forceful momentum, powerful drive and unshakeable confidence that take off and soaring will feel absolutely certain.

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High-Performance Coaching

What is high performance coaching?

High-performance coaching is a heart-driven, science-backed technique to reaching high success and positive results like happiness health, positive relationships, and confidence.

The purpose of the program is to assist you in mastering your mind, soul, body, and relationships so that you can reach the next level of potential, success, and influence in life. High-performance coaching is just about encouraging you to reach high performance and your full potential in all you do. It is about discarding the fair and Frustration in your life so that you can live a more loving, creative, and remarkable legacy. This program was not only developed for entrepreneurs, athlete visionaries, and CEOS but everyday people in transformation endeavouring for a better life.

  • High-performance coaching is challenging and inspiring a person to defeat the typical standard and life experiences to live into their most significant potential faster.
  • It is strengthening the client's determination beyond all spheres of their life holistically, whether in their relationships, career purpose, mindsets, energy, influence, etc. It is accustoming their technique to life at an expert level using a certified manner based on practices and driven by outcomes.
  • Are you running at your highest potential? How accomplished are you with your journey, your relationship, your health? if you know you deserve more, and then high-performance coaching is for you.

Why Would You Need Performance Coaching?

Anxiety vs. Confidence

  • Anxiety has many far-reaching effects on your health; one of them is your immune system. The study has proven that chronic mental stress to be a trigger for the autoimmune disease.

  • Many individuals report having noticed the onset of their health issues during a challenging time in their life such as caring for a sick kid, loss of a loved one, or an intense breakup can be the trigger point for an autoimmune response.

  • One of the best ways to get rid of anxiety is the first to take a deep breath and then take action. Do something immediately, which helps your personal development.

  • Stress is caused by fear of the future, which is expanded by the failure to set clear objectives partnered with a lack of care and accountability, trying to accomplish your high potential.

  • Working with a high-performance coach will enable you to become clear about what you want and why you want it and will assist you in understanding what you are afraid of, and the limiting concept of hurdles that are holding you back to reach your maximum confidence.

Confusion vs. Clarity

  • Are you confused about what your life path is, maybe you are attempting to decide a major, or perhaps a career, may you feel lost and distanced from community and satisfaction. Negative thoughts are considered to be one of the significant reasons for disrupting people in achieving their goals.

  • If these negative thoughts are not addressed timely, they can create confusion. Most of the time, our confusion comes from distraction rather than a lack of direction. Clear direction is in front of us, but so many disturbances keep us from following the established path.

  • Finding clarity and direction in your life isn't tricky. You first have to believe that growth will always be discovered in development instead of the destination. Your life will become more enjoyable when you can seize the current moment before you and make the most of them.

  • Some people remember uncompleted and suspended jobs better than completed jobs. These kinds of thoughts cause chaos and confusion in your mental clarity. Join High-Performance coaching today to avoid these thoughts and reinforce your mental clarity.

  • Clarity coaching session aims to analyze where you have strengths and gaps in the significance of clarity you experience in life. We work to build a precise vision of your best life. To do this, We determine who you want to be, how you want to socialize with others, and what life policies and manners will make you most prosperous in your life. this provides you direct action-driven clarity, and intentionality, so you move progressively and quickly.

Fatigue vs. Energy

  • Do you feel like you are always exhausted and tired? Are you having difficulty staying awake during the prime time? Most of us know what it's like to be tired, especially when we have the flu or some other viral disease, but when you suffer from a regular lack of energy and continuous fatigue, it may be time to take it seriously.

  • Transfiguring confusion into clarity is more of the process than the destination. The more clarity you have in mind, the more weight you have in your decisions, and the more durable and lasting they are.

  • High-performance coaching can help you overcome such concerns so that you can further enhance your mental clarity and lead a happier work-life.

  • Fatigue is a tiredness that is consistent and limiting. With fatigue, and you have tenacious and relapsing depletion, it's relative to how you feel when you have the flu or have missed a lot of sleep. If you have a chronic or regular exertion, you wake in the morning, sensing as though you have not rested. Depression and lack of time management are the major causes of this condition. If you can't overcome these two goals despite the effort and desire, then high-performance coaching is for you.

  • High-performance training can enable you to determine the root causes of all these problems and eliminate them from your life forever. High-performance training will allow you to have full control over all your thoughts in one to two sessions.

  • In fatigue and energy session we aim to examine how much energy you have each day and how to magnify it to more crucial level, so you have the vitality and strength required to accomplish your objectives and live a fully accredited life. We find from our vast set of techniques what works for you to achieve quick advancements in the energy you feel and produce daily.

Panic vs Inner Calm

  • Do you live in a condition of continuous stress, fair, anxiety, and confusion, or do you possess peace of mind and satisfaction?
  • Do you get outer influences to alter your mood and status of mind, or do hold inner strength and detachment?
  • Do fearful thoughts and worries disconcert you, or do you have control over yourself?

  • Too many people are stressed, troubled too much, directed to mood swings, and have no control over their thoughts and feelings. This situation leads to a mental, physical, emotional problem and failure.

  • The truth is that the state can be turned. Inner peace can be acquired just like other proficiency. You can attain the state of inner peace and inner strength that nothing can shake. If you suffer from such a problem and want to get rid of it forever, high-performance training is the only and effective solution.

Deeper Level of Learning

  • High-performance coaching is not just about magnifying an individual's abilities in the workplace; it takes learning to an additional deeper level. Through high-performance coaching, a person can get more about themselves, explore how others notice them, and enhance on measures of their personalities that they are not satisfied with.

  • High-performance coaching carrying knowledge to a level beyond memorializing and understanding, the person can take the quality outlined by their coach and applied them in new conditions within their safe training space. Application in different circumstances will strengthen the abilities of the person.

  • Acknowledging that someone is there, mainly to help aim accomplishment, is an essential part of progress within the coaching process. As skill-building is usually the centre in the coaching relationship, there should be particular importance on which skills to develop, so the coaching is well-organized and directed. These skills can add an assignment, communication, conflict management, and team building.

Action towards Achieving Goals

  • Coaching provides the individual, an opportunity to establish their career objectives realistically with the help of a coach. They can set these objectives and then actively works towards them. It will enhance the possibility that the targets will be accomplished. It is common for goals to be focused on two aspects of an individual's career.

  • The first is building skill sets, and the second is the individual's professional behavior. High-performance coaching assists you in developing effective strategies to eliminate all obstacles along the way, from your goal setting to goal achievement.

  • The process is fully dedicated to you, your problems, and the achievement of new behavior objectives. One significant point about high-performance coaching is that it takes place over an elongated period, which means it will be continuously challenged and encouraged to work on issues that need correction.

  • The goal of this training is to analyze how productive and efficient you feel in life and work and to provide you with a set of mechanisms and techniques to help you easily and quickly in those areas. The focus is on encouraging you immediately become more productive and efficient every day.

What Does Performance Coaching Do

If you really want to sort out your problem once and for all, hypnotherapy can enable you to do just that. Our clients typically only need to see us once. We mostly use an ‘eyes open’ hypnosis which means you don’t even need to go very deep. As there are several layers to most issues, we will work on several levels. The underlying causes may have be related to issues around identity as well beliefs. We will work on identity, values, beliefs and habits to help you knock out all that’s stopping you. Come join us in our Central London, Kensington office. You'll notice the difference.

High-performance coaching is a process that converts your dreams into practical realities. High-performance coaching is about supporting you resolve your problems, not telling you what to do. Our coaching process drives you to think, to expand yourself to take responsibility for your life, and get performed what you need to perform.

There is someone who will hold you answerable, challenge you to blow out your limiting beliefs and preferences, and push you when you occasionally need it. A life coach believes in you even when you start to doubt — our process of coaching a simple but Highly Productive.

After each session, you will often have assignments and tasks to do which will ensure you can push yourself forward even without our immediate presence.

How Does it Work?

Coaching is at the interesection of four other disciplines. We can briefly examine how they relate to various aspects of coaching.

Coaching Model


• Identify The Root Causes
• Accelerate The Pace And Depth Of Learning
• Clarifies the Strategic Journey


• Moves From Dialogue To Action
• Identifies Obstacles To Growth
• Helps With Transitioning In Areas Of Life


• Stimulates Vision
• Enables More Achievements In Less Time With Greater Satisfaction
• Facilitates Improvement
• Amplified Creativity Learning And Knowledge
• Provide Support For Life Transitions

Workplace Training

• Helps To Reach Your Full Potential
• Creates Accountability
• Develops Partnerships
• Discover And Maximize Strength

What if You Want to Be Your Best?

The excellent news is that we have several resources waiting for you on our high-performance coaching. We use several other techniques when working with clients including, if you wish, NLP, Time Line Therapy and even Hypnosis. High performance is not about going harder or for more hours. It's not only for those in Olympic or business; although it assists them in the same techniques it serves those returning to work, refocusing or accelerating their career, a college student, or an engineer. High-performance coaching is about straightening up and empowering every sector of your life. Certified high-performance coaching influences each life course for just about any type of person. You are just a phone call away from the most critical and efficient coaching session.

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Ronal is fully dedicated to powering you forward to achieving your ambitious goals. Prior to coaching, Ronal was General Manager at a mid sized insurer and lead C-suiters to achieve massive results. Born in London, he has lived and worked all over the world, including Japan, Netherlands and the US. He is a Master Coach.

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