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How to Overcome Work Anxiety with Hypnotherapy

Work Anxiety

One of the most annoying aspects of anxiety is that it can strike anywhere – including in the workplace. Workplace anxieties are more prevalent than we realize, and if left unchecked, it can take over your life. In 2018 alone, over 500,000 workers in the UK suffered from work-related depressions, stress, or anxiety. Furthermore, work-related anxiety accounts for over 50 percent of all working days lost. Workplace-induce panic attacks are also becoming more commonplace.

Many people suffer from severe anxiety due to their relationship to their workplace. Performing stressful tasks and toxic work environments can create states of chronic stress, which has the capability to lead to long term anxiety. This is because cases of elevated stress for a long period of time can make some people more prone to developing anxiety disorders. Workplace-related anxiety could also be down to a number of factors, like lack of sleep, putting all of your energy and time on your work and leaving little or non for you to focus on self-care, or just when mufti-tasking becomes too much.

Anxiety permeates into your work life and its effects can be overwhelming. It can have a negative impact on your health, can lead to chronic health conditions, and it can affect your productivity as well as damage your relationship with your co-workers. Anxiety can also cripple your career. Fortunately, there is a solution for work-related anxiety which can help you reduce or even eliminate the effects it has on your career and your life. Let`s take a look at the impacts of work anxiety and ways to overcome it.

7 Ways to Help You Overcome Work Anxiety

Identify The Trigger

One of the first steps to managing work anxiety is uncovering its cause. Try to pinpoint the times when you notice your anxiety building. Is it when you talk to a certain colleague when you get a new project? With this information, you`ll know what moments to avoid and what to engage in. Identifying these instances helps you understand more about yourself and decide what is best for you at your workplace. This ensures that you don’t miss out on some opportunities where your contribution would be beneficial.

Stay In Contact

Its human instinct to cut off or avoid contact with things or people who make us feel uncomfortable and the workplace is no exception. People tend to stop replying to emails that they don’t know how to answer or avoid the break room after you`ve had a quarrel with a coworker. The issue with avoidance is that it only offers a temporary solution. Work anxiety symptoms only get worse the more you use distance to manage stress, disagreement, or other difficult emotions. Contact is a muscle that you need to flex to make it stronger. The more you communicate and approach problems head-on, the less anxious you`ll be over the long term. You need to be able to have the ability to maintain contact with colleagues who have different styles of work and points of view. Staying in contact will also help your ability to say no to additional responsibilities that make you overworked and less effective in your workplace.

Take Control Of What You Can

One cause of work anxiety is not feeling in control. Though getting in control of your whole work life is a long-term project, there are certain smaller things that you can pinpoint in no time to ease some of your anxiety. You can set up your own good project management system to prioritize your to-dos first. You can also come up with some quick techniques to tame your inbox rather than becoming a slave to the onslaught of new messages. Even setting a few moments to clear the clutter on and around your desk can have a great impact when it comes to calming your mind.

Take a Breather

Whether taking deep breaths or just meditating for a few minutes, remember to take some time to check in with yourself during the day. You can also take 30 seconds of your time to juts drop your shoulders and release any tension. Though they don’t seem like much, these little activities can help you gain altitude from work anxiety. They pro-actively send a message to your brain that it’s time to relax and refocus and they can work absolute wonders.

Create a Balanced Schedule

The majority of people who find themselves with work anxiety at work often may be giving too much value to what goes on in the workplace. While there`s nothing wrong with working hard and being ambitious, always keep in mind that the aim of work is to enable you to live a good life. If you can find ways to change your priorities so that your work is not your only priority, you might find that your work anxiety will decrease all disappear completely. To achieve this, analyze your schedule, daily tasks, and responsibilities and try to come up with some form of healthy balance. All work and no play is a way of inviting a burnout, so be sure to include time for social activities, family life, daily duties, downtime, work, and solitary pursuits.

Eat Well

Healthy eating does not imply depriving yourself of your favorite foods or staying unrealistically strict about what you consume. It's about fueling your body with foods that make you feel great, boost your energy levels, enhance your outlook, and stabilize your mood. Diet has been shown to have an effect on mood and sense of wellbeing, with sugary snacks and packaged meals being strongly linked to today`s higher rates of stress, depression, and anxiety. If you`re experiencing work anxiety, eating well can help you better manage symptoms. Some nutrients like calcium, protein, folate, fibre, carotenoids are known to have mood-boosting qualities. But by taking small and frequent meals can help your body maintain the right level of blood sugar, keep your energy high, avoid mood swings, and stay focused.

Develop Your Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence plays a vital role just like intellectual ability. It consists of four major components, including self-management, relationship management, self-management, and self-awareness. Taking steps to improve on these areas, such as finding ways to influence, inspire, and connect with colleagues in your workplace can help distress your work environment. Recognising your emotions and the impact they have on you and others will also help the situation. Learn to resolve conflict quickly, laugh more, and include the feelings of yourself and your coworkers when making decisions.

What Can Hypnotherapy Do

Hypnotherapy for work anxiety can help boost feelings of self-belief and confidence while minimising feelings of fear and intense worry. Hypnotherapy can help you develop the ability to access the calm state of mind required to overcome the often-overwhelming emotions that accompany anxiety. By utilizing the power of suggestions, hypnotherapy aims to access your subconscious mind and trigger positive change. The suggestions are tailored to help you understand what triggers your work anxiety, as well as the way you react towards them.

To start, your hypnotherapist will discuss what it is you hope to achieve from hypnotherapy. Your hypnotherapist will talk to you about this while asking questions to try and establish the triggers and causes of what you feel. After that, the hypnotherapist will start by helping you enter a relaxed state of mind. Though sessions may differ depending on your hypnotherapist’s approach, you may be asked to focus on a time when you felt anxious.

The idea behind hypnotherapy is that when you begin feeling anxious, the suggestions or calming words will enter your conscious mind and help you cope. The hypnotherapist might also teach you techniques to assist you to relax and calm yourself down when anxiety kicks in.

Let's Work Together On This

Our hypnotherapy is rapidly effective. Most patients require one or maybe two sessions. We combine hypnotherapy with other robust techniques, such as NPL and Time Line Therapy to massively stack the odds in your favour. I became a hypnotherapist because I wanted to see people change. I was a volunteer trainer for the Samaritans 13 years ago. Since then, I have helped hundreds of people transform their lives by getting over barriers and overcoming their work anxiety. Based in central London, my hypnotherapy has been effective in overcoming the fear of public speaking not only in London but across the UK.

Can you imagine feeling better, more clear-headed, and calmer? Changing or letting go of that intensive anxious emotion or stressful thought is the way to go. You can achieve more by changing or letting go of that intensive motion of fear and anxiety that comes with public speaking. A change shouldn’t be hard and should be achieved in the shortest time possible. The tricky part is making the decision to change something. My hypnotherapy approach is professional and caring, and with my experience and expertise, you can rest assured that Kensington Coaching and Hypnotherapy will help you think critically, be more confident, and fruitful not only in your career but also in your day to day life.

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