Uncategorized Savor the taste of tradition with our authentic Belgian beers.

Savor the taste of tradition with our authentic Belgian beers.


Belgium is known for many things, but one of its most famous exports is undoubtedly its beer. With over 1,500 different types of beer produced in the country, it’s no wonder that Belgium has earned the title of the beer capital of the world.

Belgium’s brewing history dates back to the Middle Ages when monks began brewing beer in their abbeys. Today, Belgian beers are still brewed using traditional methods and ingredients, resulting in unique and complex flavors that are unmatched by any other country.

One of the most popular styles of Belgian beer is the Trappist beer. These beers are brewed by Trappist monks who follow strict guidelines set forth by the International Trappist Association. Only 11 monasteries in the world are authorized to produce Trappist beer, and six of them are located in Belgium.

Another popular style of Belgian beer is Lambic. This type of beer is fermented using wild yeast and bacteria found in the air around Brussels. The result is a sour and funky flavor that may not be for everyone, but is beloved by many.

Belgium also produces a wide range of other styles including Saisons, Dubbels, Tripels, and Quadrupels. Each style has its own unique flavor profile and can range from light and refreshing to dark and heavy.

One thing that sets Belgian beers apart from others is their high alcohol content. Many Belgian beers have an ABV (alcohol by volume) ranging from 6% to 12%, with some even higher than that. This makes them perfect for sipping slowly and enjoying with friends or as a special treat after a long day.

Belgian beers are also often served in their own unique glassware designed to enhance the drinking experience. From goblets to tulip glasses to chalices, each glass is specifically chosen to showcase the flavor profile and aroma of the particular beer being served.

If you’re a beer lover, then a trip to Belgium should definitely be on your bucket list. With so many different types of beer to try, you’re sure to find something that you love. And even if you’re not a beer drinker, the history and culture surrounding Belgian beer is fascinating and worth exploring. So raise a glass to Belgium and its amazing beers!

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